The Future of Foursquare?

On Wednesday, February 4th, Scott Stratten (@Unmarketing) presented to a jam-packed Refresh Events session as part of Social Media Week in Toronto (#SMWTO). At Function 13, Scott gave a passionate and energized talk entitled “Social (UN)Media: Where do we go from here?” 

Scott broke down his thoughts into three sections.  The first was entitled, “Location-based social media”.  Here, he discussed, among other things:

  1. Opt-In stalking
  2. Marketing opportunities
  3. Message control
  4. Women and social media
  5. Habits

Finally, Scott revealed his thoughts on location-based social media, especially Foursquare.  Want to know the future of Foursquare?  Watch the videos below.



Is Scott correct?  What are your thoughts on location-based social media?