The Gaming Industry in Vancouver

The Gaming space in Vancouver continues to flourish thanks to a supportive community that has developed around the Big Companies and the smaller studios that call the West Coast home. 

Offshoots of the larger studios continue to sprout up but these ‘Radical’ departures seem to be an accepted by-product in this burgeoning space. Industry events unite the space locally with the Game Design Expo taking place last month, New Media BC’s Fusion Forum later this month, and DemoCampVancouver06 being tagged as a Gaming Edition next time around. As a non-gamer, it’s hard to really appreciate how large the industry is.

I’ve put together a list of BC’s game studios – both developers and publishers – and I’m asking our readers for feedback. How many staff do these studios employ? Who’s the largest? Who’s buying who? Who are we missing? Please comment on this post.

This initial list is alphabetical and has been cross-referenced using both New Media BC‘s  database and industry tracker GameDevMap.

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