The Genesis of a Gaming Studio

There are a lot of remarkable movements and companies that have started as surprisingly small projects. Dale Carnegie’s classic How to Win Friends and Influence People actually started as a small talk on a topic that fascinated Carnegie.

In today’s world, the opportunities to grow small projects are extremely fertile. Justin Bieber was first discovered on a YouTube video shot with a camcorder. Joel Gascoigne from Buffer advises building something small before expanding it into an entire business.

Now, a team of mobile game developers and entrepreneurs are in the process of building a studio after building an award-winning game.                 

Team Heisenberg emerged victorious with their creation Daylight Saving from the 48-hour Great Canadian Appathon that XMG Studio hosted a couple of months ago. We sat down with Niravkumar Patel from the battle-hardened Team Heisenberg to chat about winning the Appathon and how he and Team Heisenberg plan to set up their own studio.

“The idea for Daylight Saving came with the aspiration to develop a unique, dynamic engine which takes advantage of the benefits of mobile devices including the accelerometer,” explained Patel. “Once we came up with this unique gravity-oriented engine, we developed appropriate designs and lastly, the story.”

What originally started as a venture into last year’s GCA2 tournament, also hosted by XMG Studio, ended with victory for Patel and Heisenberg this year.

Team Heisenberg and Patel seem to understand the power of reputation, as well as the advantages of moving fast. “We plan to earn our reputation and define our style with each release,” said Patel. “Since we are still new and small, we are easily able to adapt to new market demands, and we are very motivated with the love and drive to accept new challenges – I think this is our main ingredient which will bring us success.”

This was not a spontaneous decision after the GCA victory: “We have kept our development projects underground for the past year,” elaborated Patel. “Nonetheless, we have gained skills and valuable experience, plus we have a few projects well underway. We are at the stage where we are definitely ready to get involved in the market.”

Patel also hinted that Team Heisenberg would be open to funding for their new studio idea, called Ffive, in order to grow the company and provide fresh games to the masses. “We aim to develop and release several mobile games by the beginning of 2013, starting with Daylight Saving,” said Patel. “Regardless of how successful it turns out, we will definitely learn from the experience and proceed forward with more releases based on the demands of the market.”

Patel and Team Heisenberg’s new mantra is to “refresh your gaming addiction” by building their most creative and innovative games as Ffive studio.

Ffive is the latest addition to the growing roster of Canadian mobile game companies, which include companies like the previously featured on Techvibes such as XMG Studio, Uken Games, and Big Viking Games.

Photo: Ellie Mclaren.