The new way to get hired: Student creates YouTube Instant, it goes viral, YouTube CEO offers job via Twitter

Google Instant has inspired the very impressed YouTube Instant, but the latter wasn’t created by Google OR YouTube. It was built by Feross Aboukhadijeh of Stanford University).

Feross’ creation functions quite similarly, in that it starts working as soon as you type a letter. In fact, it starts auto-playing videos as you mosey along with your search query, which is very neat.

So neat, actually, that YouTube CEO and Co-Founder Chad Hurley tweeted this to Feross: “Want a job?” To which Feross replied, “Is that a for-real job offer?” To which Chad came back with, “Are you ready to leave school? I’ll send you a DM.”

Boom. Now we know it pays to post your creative efforts online.

Let’s see how quickly YouTube Instant becomes a reality. Perhaps instantly?

Also of note is that another creative fellow instantized Google Maps, and although it’s still a little rough around the edge, it’s another very impressive feat. Amazing what people can do with just the seed of an idea planted in their minds.