The Next Big Thing and CodeCore launch Free Coding Bootcamp for Teens

The Next Big Thing’sCodeCamp is kicking off later this month and it’s taking place at Vancouver’s most awesome (and bulletproof) innovation headquarters, Hootsuite HQ.

CodeCamp is part of The Next Big Thing’s (TNBT) new “Youth Innovators Event Series”. Events are geared toward empowering young game-changers with the education & tools they need to achieve success in today’s economy.

Hundreds of teens will attend this free Summer Coding Bootcamp, learning how to harness technology and bring their dreams to life.

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TNBT has partnered with the talented educators at CodeCore to deliver a super fun, super collaborative, super wired weekend of awesome.

In two action-packed days, CodeCamp introduces young innovators to both front-end development (the things you see) and back-end development (the things behind the scenes) through intros to HTML, Ruby on Rails and CSS.

In-person attendance will be open to teens in grades 10-12 from across the Lower Mainland. Younger kids and teens from BC or other provinces are invited to follow along online via a livestream.

CodeCamp takes place on July 26th and 27th. Learn more online.