There are 350,000 Canadians Living and Working in Silicon Valley Right Now

There are just over 34 million people in Canada. Down in Silicon Valley, there are another 350,000. That’s right—an amount equal to more than one percent of our entire country’s population is living and working in a single dot on the map in America.

This remarkable fact is one of many in an in-depth piece published in The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business magazine yesterday. Titled “Lessons from Canada’s Silicon Valley diaspora,” the 7,700-word article details the interesting lives and stories of various Canadians who have found themselves in the famous, and infamous, Valley—from “the geek” to “the CEO” to “the angel,” and even “the wannabe.”

It’s worth leaning back in your comfiest armchair with a coffee (or a whiskey) by your side and the newspaper (or an iPad) in your hands. It’s worth delving into the minds of these Canadians: do they want to be in the Valley, or do they have to be? What do they think of Canada’s tech scene—and the Valley’s? Fact is, everyone has their own unique story and it would take a lifetime to document all 350,000 of them. But even this tiny glimpse is significant. And there are always lessons to be learned from Canada’s Silicon Valley diaspora.

Photo: Digital Trends