ThinkFull, an App to Help You Manage Stress

ThinkFull is a mindfulness app that wants to help users take control of their stress.

By leveraging the accessibility and capabilities of a smartphone, the app provides personalized mental wellness coaching allowing people to track their stress levels over time and tap into a library of tips for relieving stress, solving problems, and living well in general which is then customized based on usage patterns.

ThinkFull was the result of a unique Social Enterprise Competition, which Telus ran for team members to harness entrepreneurial spirit and challenge them to develop a product or service to help improve the health and wellness of Canadians. The winning team was given $50,000.



Studies show that the more people consume social media, the more envious they feel and the more that feelings of well-being are diminished, particularly around the holidays.

“Stress itself isn’t always a negative thing,” the startup says. “We can actually use stress to motivate us when tackling our daily challenges. But because it’s hard to think clearly about managing stress when life gets tough, thinkFull exists.”