This Famous Canadian Cougar is 50 Years Old and Making a Comeback Online

Born in B.C. in August, 1960, was a cougar that fast became an iconic symbol across Canada.

Dubbed the “Restricted Cougar,” this silhouetted feline, the largest native wild cat in B.C., spent decades as a warning sign for adult movies. After being copyrighted and trademarked in the mid 1960s, the RC became quite popular, triggering the BC Film Classification Office to launch a series of short animated trailers starring the cat.

However, RC’s purpose dwindled immensely in 1997 when the Government of B.C. revised the province’s classification categories in order to be consistent with the Canadian Home Video Rating System. “18A” replaced “Restricted” and the cougar became a niche for such adult motion pictures as Requiem for a Dream and Dogtooth.

Now, the Cougar is renewing its fame online—fans and the curious may visit YouTube to check out all the original trailers. There is also a Prezi shrine featuring the feline’s timeline and the movies since 1997 that bear its mark. Consumer Protection BC has also given the cougar a brief biography.