ThoughtFarmer powers Mountain Equipment Co-op intranet

Vancouver’s ThoughtFarmer released version 3.6 of its social intranet software yesterday which included over 900 enhancements targeted at improving collaboration and communication in the enterprise.

The release introduces new tools to help employees find and manage the increasing volume of information created within a social intranet, through improved content relevance and findability.

ThoughtFarmer 3.6 is a simple, social, and secure way for employees to collaborate, share ideas and find information. Wiki-inspired, but without the chaos, ThoughtFarmer combines the collaborative and empowering benefits of social software with a secure and centralized intranet platform demanded by the modern enterprise.

So who’s using ThoughtFarmer? According to the ThoughtFarmer blog, Canadian outdoor retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) has been piloting the version 3.6 beta for their bilingual, nation-wide intranet since Ocotober 2009. That’s quite the testbed – MEC employs 1750 people across their network of 13 specialty outdoor stores nation-wide.

And they like what they see according to MEC CIO Georgette Parsons:

“At MEC we are using ThoughtFarmer 3.6 as the engine for our corporate intranet. I think we knew the launch was going to be a success when we heard these staff responses at our roll-out training sessions: ‘Oh, it’s like Facebook. That’s easy’ and ‘no, I don’t need more training, I can figure it out.’ Our adoption stats are much better than we had anticipated, and the percentage of content contributors is higher too. I believe we have the ease and familiarity of the interface to thank for this.”

ThoughtFarmer was first developed by Vancouver’s OpenRoad Communications in 2005. Interested in learning more about ThoughtFamrer? Schedule a live web-based demo now.