Thrive365 Selects EQ Works to Build Mobile App to Help Those with Diabetes

EQ Works, which specializes in targeted advertising and digital solutions, has been selected to help design and develop the Thrive365 mobile application, which will empower people with non-insulin dependent type 2 diabetes to make better food choices on-the-go.

Thrive365 provides people with non-insulin dependent type 2 diabetes or with pre-diabetes with the ability to access food scores for prepared foods, food ingredients, and most major restaurant menu items. According to the company, the result is “a more informed consumer who is capable of making smart dietary choices whether planning meals at home, in the grocery store or ready to order at a favourite restaurant.”

Thrive365 says it wanted to take its patented food scoring system and develop a mobile and web app. For this challenge, Thrive365 selected Toronto’s EQ Works.

“This unique system helps people with diabetes balance the food they eat throughout the day, without the complexity of calculating carb requirements on a meal-to-meal basis,” says Pier Massa, CEO of Thrive365. “By putting easy-to-understand food information right in the palm of their hand, Thrive365 can make a real difference.”

“The team at EQ Works understood our vision and working closely with them we were able to deliver a mobile experience that can make a difference on the lives of millions,” they added.

“We’re excited to have worked with the Thrive365 team to turn such a worthwhile resource into a practical, accessible service for people with type 2 diabetes,” said Paul Lockhard, VP, General Manager of EQ Digital. “This initiative underscores our approach of using technology as an enabler to engage audiences in a manner that’s relevant to them, while also providing the ability to measure and improve performance of our clients’ marketing initiatives.”