Shopify’s Tobias Lutke Crowned CEO of 2014

Tobias Lütke of Ottawa’s Shopify has been named The Globe and Mail’s CEO of the Year.

Shopify, now valued at well over one billion dollars and with several hundred employees, is one of Canada’s most exemplary tech companies. Lütke, the modest visionary behind the magic, is not new to accolades: just last year, we named him Entrepreneur of the Year in our Canadian Startup Awards.

Quoth The Globe:

We need to pay attention to Tobi Lütke because, as his company has grown from a two-person storefront to a six-storey success, the man himself has negotiated an even rarer and more challenging turn, morphing from a code-obsessed creator into a remarkable leader.

Read the paper’s full, 7,000-word profile on Lütke and Shopify here.