Ten Biggest Video Game Developers in BC

According to our records, the following are the ten biggest video game developers in BC but our employee count data goes back to 2009. If you work for one of these game developers and can help us verify employee numbers, please comment on this post with updated numbers.  

  1. Electronic Arts – 1,300 employees
  2. United Front Games – 208 employees
  3. Propaganda Games –130 205 employees
  4. THQ Canada (Relic Entertainment) – 200 employees
  5. Radical Entertainment – 175 employees
  6. Blue Castle Games – 165 employees
  7. Slant Six Games – 120 employees
  8. Ubisoft Vancouver – 120 employees
  9. Next Level Games – 108 employees
  10. Rockstar Vancouver – 100 employees

Rankings are based on the number of staff working in British Columbia in 2009. Data was collected via interviews conducting by Business in Vancouver with the studios that responded to requests for information.

April 23rd update: I’ve heard from a Propaganda Games employee and updated their employee count – they are now 3rd on the list.