Wild Animals, Trick Shots and Prince Harry: Canada’s Top YouTube Videos of 2017

What does a surprise attack by a sea lion in B.C. waters have in common with a toddler stealing Prince Harry’s popcorn at the Invictus Games in Toronto? YouTube has revealed the top trending videos in Canada for the year, and both made the cut.

While some of the most popular videos across the country weren’t shot in Canada, here’s a countdown of some of the clips that had Canadians gasping, laughing and holding their breath.

#8. In a Heartbeat: A short animated film about two school-aged boys revealing their feelings for one another.

#7. Prince Harry had to keep a keen eye on his popcorn after a toddler stealthily grabbed a few handfuls for herself.

#5. Dan Nystedt caught this fierce face-off while shooting sky-high scenic views in Northern Ontario this fall.

#4. Dude Perfect has been blowing people’s mind with their sport battles and trick shots for eight years.

#3. April the Giraffe gained a worldwide audience after a live stream of the pregnant long-legged park animal went viral.

And lastly, the top trending video this year in Canada:

#1. A friendly visit with a sea lion turned ugly after a young girl got a little too comfortable with the wild animal on a Richmond wharf.