Toronto Craft Beer Lovers: There’s an App Just For You

Take a trip to the Brooklyn Tavern, follow the old rail tracks to Junction Craft Brewing, or slide into home at Left Field Brewery to grab 12oz of cold craft beer—for only a toonie.

Launched today, the Craft Beer Passport gives Toronto’s beer lovers a new way to sample brews for $2 from more than 35 participating bars and microbreweries. The app helps users discover local breweries on a discount with a custom map that lets beer aficionados plan the perfect pub crawl.

Before visiting one of the passport’s watering holes, users buy beer stamps that they cash in for discounted beer. It works like this: one stamp plus a toonie will give users one beer. Valid for three months, stamps are available in packages of three for $5 and 10 for $10. To grab stamps to all participating vendors—valid for six months—users will only pay $30.

Founder Mike Stulberg, who got the idea for the Craft Beer Passport while traveling, said the app is an excuse for Torontonians to explore the city.

“I spent some time in Europe and Asia and a lot of time was spent cruising around to bars and breweries. It’s how you got to know a city,” said Mike. “We have a big, vibrant city and a lot of diversity. The app is a kick in the butt to get outside.”

Mike ran a similar beer program for three years in paper form, but took the passport digitally this year.

“I think this is something that could exist in cities around Ontario. Beer drinkers can rest assured they’re heading to the right spots,” said Mike.

The program also benefits bars and breweries who see more traffic coming through their doors.

“If the product is good, people are going to go back, stick around for another pint or even take a bottle home.”

The app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.