Toronto Launches Program to Help Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Embrace Technology

Brick-and-mortar businesses remain the heart of city streets, but as ecommerce takes over, the need to embrace technology is greater than ever.

The City of Toronto has added a “Digital Main Street Program” to its “Starter Company Plus,” a program that provides an opportunity for eligible participants to get training, advice, and mentoring to help build a business.

The Starter Company Plus – Digital Main Street program is” focused on helping main street businesses develop and implement a comprehensive digital transformation plan for their business,” according to the city, which includes a grant, digital literacy training, business advisory services, and access to special offers from Digital Main Street vendors.

“The health of Toronto’s neighborhoods are interconnected with their commercial main streets,” said Chris Rickett, Manager of Entrepreneurship Services at the City of Toronto, in a statement.

There are also Starter Company Plus programs for other types of businesses, including fashion and tech startups.

Digital Main Street was launched by the city last year. The addition of the Starter Company Plus Program should further bolster Toronto’s small business community, says Rickett.

“Working to ensure Toronto’s small business community is embracing the latest in technology in order to grow their businesses is one way we are supporting the health of Toronto’s neighborhoods,” he noted.

Digital Main Street is supported by a variety of tech firms, including Google, Rogers, and Shopify.