Toronto Startup Komodo OpenLab Launches Tecla for the iPad

Last fall, we covered a story about Toronto’s Komodo OpenLab and their amazing new technology called Tecla, which is a set of open software and hardware tools that facilitate switch access to electronic devices for people with mobility impairments. Tecla enables the use of mobile devices (like an iPhone or iPad) without the user having to physically touch the screen.

The Tecla Shield for Android, iPhone and iPad is now available for sale in North America, Australia and various countries in Europe. Users can purchase the product from the Komodo OpenLab store. The devices range in price from $249 to $289, depending on the quantity purchased.

Below you can watch Carolyn, who was interviewed in our October 2011 story, use an iPad for the first time. Because of the Tecla Shield, she can now control an iPad without touching it, and using the same controls, she can drive her wheelchair.