Toronto’s Subway Stations Now Have Cell Service

Cellphone service is now available at every TTC subway station, meaning riders will be able to scan their social media and continue texting while waiting for their trains.

The TTC and BAI Canada have announced 75 subway stations, including the brand new Line 1 extension, are now connected to the underground cell network. Four years in the making, the LTE coverage will be available at subway platforms and in stairwells. BAI Canada said its also expanded the new service to nine kilometres of underground tunnel along the subway extension opening December 17.

“TTC riders have spoken loudly and clearly that in a world-class city like Toronto, they expect to have quality cellular service wherever they are – whether above ground or in the bustling subway platforms where they spend so much time,” said Ken Ranger, CEO of BAI Canada.

But so far only Freedom Mobile has signed on to provide wireless service at the Toronto stations. While the cellular infrastructure is compatible with any carrier, Canada’s big three wireless providers —Rogers, Bell and Telus—haven’t joined the network.

Without any plans to sign on, millions of commuters won’t benefit from TTC’s move to digitize the subway system—something Freedom Mobile hopes will entice Torontonians to switch to their service.

“If you are a commuter using the subway, Freedom Mobile is the obvious choice if you value connectivity. Our customers are the first to have cellular service at all TTC subway stations to stay connected with friends, families and colleagues throughout their day,” said Paul McAleese, Freedom Mobile’s COO.

In September, TTC and BAI Canada unveiled full wifi capabilities at subway platforms, letting commuters connect to the internet for free. BAI Canada said it is continuing its work to expand cellular service to subway tunnels.