Toronto’s Engagio Raises $540K from Fred Wilson and Others, Heads to New York

Toronto startup Engagio has raised $540,000 in a seed round of financing. The investment was led by Rho Ventures, with participation from Real Ventures and Extreme Venture Partners as well as Fred Wilson and Mike Yavonditte.

Engagio was created by William Mougayar, who previously founded content aggregator Equentia, after a conversation on Fred’s blog in the comments section. The platform consolidates conversations across multiple websites into one searchable social media inbox that displays incoming and outgoing comments plus information about who you’re communicating with.

William is from Toronto. He plans to add an Engagio office in New York City. ”I really like the startup tech environment in New York,” he told BetaBeat. His first investor and inspiration, Fred Wilson, resides there, as does Mike.

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