Toronto’s INcubes Announces Second Round of Startups in Accelerator Program

The inaugural accelerator program did well to connect investors with promising startups during a demo day earlier this year. You can view the original cohort here; the second demo day will be taking place on September 12.

The CEO and founder of INCubes Ben Zlotnick says that “during the acceleration, founders gain the insight and direction not only from their team members in a formal setting, but also from a large pool of mentors. This gives them the ability to jury test their business models, product development and marketplace testing.”

• MyGoodNight is a personal nightlife ambassador that acts as a branded nightlife, venue, and event app. The app aggregates social media in real-time around a venue or event. The content is served according to popularity and other factors to ensure the best rises to the top.

During acceleration, the startup will redesign their app and launch it in the test market of Toronto. Then they will introduce it to new markets before officially launching the app.

• Event Holler is a new way for event organizers to create, manage, and promote, and sell out events. Organizers will be able to create custom-branded event pages with sophisticated scheduling, and be able to track ticket sales in real-time. What stands out the most though is the “holler” feature which will allow anyone to earn a commission on the ticket price if they promote the event.

Event Holler’s CEO is managing an entire development and marketing team at INcubes. They will be focusing on bug testing, usability testing, a soft launch, a hard launch, and a signup of 100 initial venues in Toronto. After all of that they will demonstrate “proof points” of potential traction based on activity netted through their soft launch in Toronto.

• Boomurang is in an emerging market known as social location discovery and are said to be leading the space in Canada. Details on Boomurang’s acceleration track are still to come.

• GameDay is an app that allows audiences to join the game and interact with broadcasters, team reps, and the whole audience. It is a social media quiz where people predict what will happen next during a game and win prizes.

The company says, “For vendors, we provide the most valuable real-time analytic data possible; data gathered from any question put to the crowd. We know what the crowd thinks in real-time.” GameDay during their acceleration is focused on technology development, usability testing, and sponsorship promissory agreements. Their CEO says the sports advertising and entertainment industry has never seen anything like what they are building before that comes with a lucrative revenue model.