Toronto’s LookBookHQ Secures $11 Million Series B

Toronto’s LookBookHQ announced today that they have raised a $11 million Series B round led by by Edison Partners, with participation from Hyde Park Venture Partners.

LookBookHQ is on a mission to transform how B2B marketers deliver and measure digital marketing. The latest funding will accelerate innovation on their Intelligent Content Platform, and help the company grow to more than 100 employees by the end of 2017. In the last 18 months, LookBookHQ has tripled their revenue.

“We believe that great marketing is at the heart of great companies. Marketers should have the power to generate transformative outcomes for their businesses, their audiences, and themselves,” said CEO Mark Opauszky, in a press release.

“The rapid success our customers see is proof that B2B marketers should rightfully challenge the current status quo and expect to achieve more. That means a smarter way to serve their audience’s interest, and clear, truthful insights that drive marketing decisions.”

Marketing and sales clients using LookBookHQ’s software can deliver their audiences more relevant online content and at the same time receive crucial data to instantly spot and action sales readiness.

The market-leading Intelligent Content Platform revs up the speed and volume of sales-ready buyers. The software system is integrated with a team’s existing marketing tech stacks, creating a smooth transition to what they call a “superior way” to deliver and evaluate the performance of all digital marketing.

“Since our initial investment one year ago, we have witnessed the rapid adoption of the LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform among enterprise-level marketers who are excited about how it improves the effectiveness of their marketing in ways that no other marketing technology solution can,” said Gregg Michaelson, operating partner at Edison Partners.

“With these additional funds, we’re confident that the talented LookBookHQ team will rapidly scale this transformation, changing the way virtually every company delivers and measures their marketing.”

The newly announced funding is on the heels of the company’s launch of Explore, a new content aggregation product within the LookBookHQ platform. The marketing tech company also recently updated their machine learning algorithm for product recommendations.