Toronto’s Massive Damage urges you to Please Stay Calm

Toronto’s Massive Damage Inc. launched their first location based game today – Please Stay Calm.

Massive Damage is new mobile gaming startup founded by Ken Seto and Garry Seto who had previously co-founded the award winning app studio Endloop Studios (which is being renamed Endloop Mobile – more on that later today).

Please Stay Calm is a first-of-its-kind location based massively multiplayer zombie apocalypse survival game and it’s headed for the Canadian iOS App Store today.

In Please Stay Calm, the zombie infestation has just begun and players in local neighborhoods will be able to help each other fight off the zombie hordes, scavenge for supplies and compete or work together to rebuild their cities and towns.

“Our main focus is on quick, fun gameplay and providing a very local social experience for our players.” said Ken Seto, CEO of Massive Damage. “It’s much more satisfying when you clear out zombies from real world locations and it’s much more social when you’re competing and playing with players in your neighborhood.

Garry Seto, CTO of Massive Damage adds “People always ask themselves, how would I fare in a zombie apocalypse? Please Stay Calm is a fun way for people discover that for themselves.”

Launching in Canada with Chapter 1 storyline missions and cinematics, Massive Damage will be issuing frequent updates with free additional episodic content in the weeks and months ahead.

Please Stay Calm is available now on the Canadian iPhone and iPod touch App Store. It will be available in the US in October.

Massive Damage (previously known as Endloop X) was funded by Montreal’s Year One Labs in November of 2010.