Tournament Organizing Gets a Lot Easier with Tournamatic

If you’ve ever tried to organize a sports tournament, you know how complicated it can be. That’s why Victoria startup Tournamatic may be just what you need to take the hassle out of the process.

The founder, Dan Bonab, CEO of Adaplex Solutions Inc., has developed and recently launched Tournamatic to help organizers of many different sports promote, administrate, and schedule their tournaments easily and efficiently.

Tournamatic offers users a simple online interface that allows them to manage all aspects of a tournament. Organizers can create and access their tournament page using any device that’s connected to the web. Rules and conditions are displayed on the page and customisable registration forms can be created, allowing tournament participants to register directly online.

This makes it much easier for organizers who no longer have to keep track of various team contacts as the process of registering is completed by the players, team managers, or coaches themselves. The software even allows custom content to be added to a tournament’s page so that organizers can proudly display sponsors and other contributors.

Automation is available for scheduling and competition format design, allowing organizers to spend their time focusing on other details instead of trying to randomize rosters manually. Once the tournament setup is established and the schedule is finalized, it is easy to send the details to all of the participants. Each player gets an individual schedule sent to them via email which shows when they have games.

Participants are also able to view the complete schedule for all teams at the event via the tournament’s page on the Tournamatic site. Custom notifications can be set up to alert competitors of updates or changes to their game schedules.

Organizers are able to promote their tournament directly from the Tournamatic interface and they can also keep players and fans updated easily as live results are displayed on the tournament’s online page.

In terms of costs, anyone can create and publish a tournament for free. Participants can then pay for any tournament fees directly online while registering for the tournament. Tournamatic uses Stripe to securely accept credit card payments. It then retains 3% of the fee and transfers the rest of the payment directly to the organizer’s Stripe account. Organizers will no longer need to worry about whether payments have been processed.

The Tournamatic software is built using a RESTful API that is easily accessible to different types of clients. The API is available for the web version and the Tournamatic team is currently developing the mobile version of the software.

Tournamatic is a one-stop solution to organizers of soccer, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, curling, chess, and other tournaments. It allows for quick and easy creation of a tournament and can save users a lot of time and effort through an easy-to-use interface. As the software develops, new features will be added to streamline the process even further. Support for new users is available and feedback is welcomed to help the developers add improvements.

Bonab is aiming to make Tournamatic the go-to software for tournament organizers in Canada and beyond and he’s already attracting some big names in Victoria. One of the first users to try Tournamatic was the Castaways Football Club which organized this year’s Labour Day soccer tournament using the software.”