URL shortener to close by New Year

Earlier today Vancouver’s Nambu Network announced that they are shutting down their URL shortener by the end of the year. Why? Because their attempts to sell the service have been is now in the process of discontinuing service, effective immediately.

Statistics can no longer be considered reliable, or reliably available going forward.
However, all links will continue to redirect, and will do so until at least December 31, 2009.
Your tweets with URLs in them will not be affected.

We regret that it came to this, but all of our efforts to avoid it failed.
No business we approached wanted to purchase for even a minor amount.

There is no way for us to monetize URL shortening — users won’t pay for it — and we just can’t
justify further development since Twitter has all but annointed the market winner.
There is simply no point for us to continue operating, and pay for its upkeep.

We apologize for the disruption and inconvenience this may cause you.

Not surprisingly this has the web talking about what Nambu might be up to. Is this simply a ploy for publicity to sell Or is the best way to ‘monetize’ a URL shortener to simply sell the domain name (and all the incoming traffic) to a spammer or speculator? is run by Vancouver-raised tech entrepreneurs Gersham Meharg. Woodward has owned his fair share of domain names via, CES Marketing, and DomainWorks over the years and certainly understands the second option.