Are Traditional Automakers Winning the Autonomous Vehicle Race?

Are traditional automakers closer to fully autonomous vehicles than self-driving car startups?

A new independent research report from Navigant suggests that this may currently be the case.

Basing rankings on 10 criteria, including strategy, tech development, and manufacturing capability, Navigant ranked Motor City incumbents Ford and GM ahead of companies like Waymo and Uber.

“Automated driving is increasingly being considered the key technology to address societal problems caused by the proliferation of automobiles around the world,” the report reads. “Automated vehicles are quickly nearing a level of maturity that will enable initial deployments for consumers.”


Here are the top 10 companies ranked by Navigant in the report.

1. Ford— 85.

2. GM— 84.8.

3. Renault-Nissan— 82.

4. Daimler— 77.7.

5. Volkswagen— 75.9.

6. BMW— 75.2.

7. Alphabet’s Waymo— 73.4.

8. Volvo— 73.4.

9. Delphi— 70.7.

10. Hyundai— 66.4.

Tesla ranked 12th and Uber ranked 16th. Apple was not included.

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