Trailpeak iPhone app takes the outdoors mobile

Alright geeks, it’s summer. Time to push yourself away from your desk, stand up, and face the great outdoors. But fear not, you won’t be stuck without some tech to guide you along in a world filled with animals, tress, fresh air and other oddities.

In fact, there’s a new iPhone app called Trailpeak that shares trails and other outdoor info amongst a network of users. Leveraging the info found on Ottawa-based, the app can access up to 10,000 different trails and draws from a community of users to provide reviews and turn-by-turn directions. Users can also upload GPS waypoints while on a trail, in effect providing “bread crumbs” for future hikers.

By combining social media with mobile and GPS, the Trailpeak app joins a new breed of services that takes the iPhone’s next-gen capabilities and applies it to situations its original designers likely never considered. But the real question is, can you get cell service to begin with out in the middle of nowhere? If not,