Travel Back in Time Using Augmented Reality to Explore Canada 100 Years Ago on Your Smartphone

MyCityBefore has launched its latest “Then and Now” mobile app, this time for Vancouver. Available in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store for $1.99, Then and Now takes Vancouverites on a time travelling journey as they discover their city as it were a century ago.

So how does it work? Users first define a notification range from the homescreen. When near a “then and now” place, users are push notified and can then superpose the app’s original photograph to the modern day view using augmented reality. Alternatively, users can actively seek out these designated spots via the in-app map.

MyCityBefore says the app’s content will evolve, adding new spots as it expands its database over time.



“Vancouver is a city that has changed a lot, and keeps evolving. The idea behind the Then and Now comparisons is to capture these changes to make people aware of Vancouver’s heritage. And it’s not only about the downtown area: what’s great about this app is that you could be almost anywhere in the city and still have some then and now photos nearby,” said Jeremy Hood, the creator of the Vancouver content, who partnered with MyCityBefore.

My City Before has one other Canadian “Then and Now” mobile app—Montreal. And according to their website, a Toronto one is currently in the works.