Travel Startup Makes the Voyij Sweeter

I just got the scoop about the launch of a new startup out of Cupertino called that went live today and I want to go on a trip immediately.  The best part?  It covers North America (Canada as well), and the Caribbean to start.  (International destinations coming soon.)  As the name suggests, it’s a travel site, but the road ahead for the flexible traveller just gets better. Voyij is a meta serach engine for travel deals.  It brings you the most comprehensive sales and deals and special offers from the web, aggregating it all under one big travel package (so-to-speak), and fast, so you don’t have to search hundreds of sites for deals for hours on end.  Courtesy of the crew of the SideStep alumni (which sold to Kayak for nearly $200 million), Voyij,

fills the void on the web that people want: the “best stuff at the bottom of the bargain bin.” With Voyij, you can explore and discover travel sales and deals you never knew existed regardless of origin, destination or dates.

The site works super fast and is very user-friendly.  You don’t have to sign-in, I simply entered Vancouver, BC under search.  It popped up a smart calendar for the month with prices for each day, and told me that although Voyij could not find me a flight or vacation deal, it did find me some hotel deals–96 of them.  It’s a real-time deal offering, with a side bar that allows me to choose dates I want to leave, the number of days I want to stay, and amenities I need or like to choose.  There is not only a Google map that shows you a general view of the area for each location, but there is also a downloadable city-specific guide, you also have the option to Tweet the deal and to compare the deal to other sites. Voyij quickly finds offers that match your exact criteria and provides comprehensive filtering for what is important to each individual person including dates, stars, location, activities, price, and more. 

Voyij leverages their unique technology to solve the deal search problem. Literally tens of thousands of deals across hundreds of sites are brought together in one place. From one central location, Voyij searches travel “deal” and “sale” offers exclusively, including last minute specials, sales, promotional rates and excess (undersold) inventory, so you get the widest selection of offers from any one site.

I think a cool part is the you can track your searches real-time using Ingboo.  Saving you time and money, this is the centralized-hub for all things travel sales and deals related.