TruckPlease Connects Movees and Movers Online

Moving? Need a truck?

TruckPlease has you covered. The new platform connects people who need things moved with people who have the trucks to move them.

The company began at the UVic Hackathon in October of last year and launched with Victoria as it’s first city to complete a move. The official launch took place in April and the founders, Sasan Aghdasi and Heidar Bernhardsson, have since expanded to cities across North America to help “movees” and movers connect.

For the movees, TruckPlease offers the possibility to post a “job” for those with trucks to place price quotes on. Once the quotes come in, the movee can choose which quote to accept, decline quotes that are too high, or simply not accept a quote at all. Jobs can be edited and updated until a quote is placed and can be deleted at any time during the process. Once a quote is accepted, the mover and movee meet to make the move!

The platform is very straightforward and efficient. Movers are alerted via email as soon as a job in their area is created. Jobs are also placed on the Find Jobs page for movers to browse at any time. They can place quotes on jobs and, once a quote is accepted and the move has taken place, the mover gets paid in cash.

There is a posting system in place so that communication between the two parties is quick and easy. Users can post questions directly on jobss to clarify details about the move. A rating and feedback system is in the works as well so that movers can be vetted by those who hire them for future users. Reviews will be able to be added to mover profiles.

Over 3,500 things have been moved since the company’s launch in twenty cities throughout Canada and the US. New jobss are being posted on the site every day, with surges at the beginning, middle, and end of each month. New cities are being added each week as well. In about a month, Aghdasi estimates they will have broken the 1,000 mover mark.

The company currently makes no profits at the moment from the TruckPlease platform, but aims to implement additional optional moving services in the near future, such as third-party insurance and cleaning services. Once the platform is perfected, movers will be charged a small fee as well. TruckPlease also blogs about helpful moving tips and tricks, as well as information about updates to the site and service.

Since launching, TruckPlease has moved its headquarters to Vancouver (and inaugurated the company’s concept at the same time). Aghdasi and Bernhardsson are now working on expanding, developing the platform further, and finding potential partner services to offer to their users.”