TSX Announces the Strongest Publicly Traded Companies with 2018 Venture 50

The TSX has unveiled their 2018 Venture 50 list, showing off the top performers on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) over the past year.

The rankings are comprised of 10 companies form five different sectors: clean technology and life sciences, diversified industries, energy and energy services, mining, and technology. The top performers for each sector are listed below.

“We are proud to once again recognize the breakthrough success of Venture 50 companies and to highlight one of the world’s leading capital formation platforms for early-stage growth companies,” said Brady Fletcher, managing director of the TSXV. “TSX Venture Exchange is a vital part of Canada’s unique capital markets ecosystem and we remain committed to providing a diverse range of entrepreneurs and small businesses with access to the public venture capital they need to accelerate their growth plans and take their innovative ideas to the next level.”

To be considered for the list, companies must be listed on the TSXV for longer than a year, have a market capitalization over $5 million, and have a stock price over $0.25 at the end of 2017 and $0.10 at the end of 2016. That left 434 companies to consider, which were then ranked with an equally weighted formula involving share price, trading volume and market capitalization.

Looking more deeply into Canada’s technology and energy scene with the 2018 Venture 50 highlights companies that have successfully made the jump into the stock sector and gained a great deal of equity through public offerings.


Rounding out the top five for the tech sector is Identillect Technologies, Millennial Esports, BTL Group, and NexOptic Technology. Although these companies may not be instantly recognizable within the Canadian tech scene, they all experienced massive growth throughout 2017.

Clean Technology and Life Sciences

After Emerald Health Therapeutics, the next four on the list are Cronos Group, Revive Therapeutics, VentriPoint Diagnostics, and PyroGenesis Canada. Each of these companies saw their share prices grow over 150 per cent through 2017, which represented the solid growth of Canada’s cleantech sector overall. The leader in this group, Emerald Health, is actually a cannabis science company, proving the strength of cannabis stocks on the TSXV.

Energy and Energy Services

GEN III Oil placed first in this category followed by PetroShale, Molori Energy, SDX Energy, and Renaissance Oil. As their names may give away, these companies are rooted in oil and gas energy.