TunnelBear Launches New VPN Service for Teams and Companies

TunnelBear has launched a brand new product for users called TunnelBear for Teams.

TunnelBear is an easy to use VPN service designed to safely and securely browse the web and access public wifi, without logging any information from users. You can browse to over 20 countries with fast and simple access to the service.

Teams fits the needs of companies who have been requesting their entire employee base on VPNs, as opposed to perhaps a single IT worker or a build team member. Companies found that workers were often accessing work related material over unsecured wifi from hotels, airports and the like, so the need for a team-wide VPN was a natural progression for TunnelBear.

“We see a big market for these organizations that used to have large scale hardware infrastructure to roll out VPNs,” TunnelBear Head of Growth John Robinson told Techvibes. “Now companies prefer a flexible approach.”

This flexible approach comes from TunnelBear’s easy to use software and the new ability to quickly add and remove team members as your company grows and shifts.

“Tunnelbear for teams takes advantage of great design applications and packages on top of that our new teams functionality,” says Robinson.

The company cites growing concerns regarding privacy laws and easily accessible information as more reasoning behind the creation of Teams. When the Trump administration changed laws on how ISPs can use and even sell your personal data in March, companies began to approach TunnelBear looking for additional functionality.

VPN providers are plentiful, but TunnelBear prides itself on the customer experience.

“A lot of security and privacy companies have taken the enterprise approach with clunky AI. We focused TunnelBear for Teams on quality user experience,” explains Robinson. “When you’re rolling something out like VPN out to an entire company, you want to spend less than 5 minutes doing it.”

“We really carved a space for ourselves focusing on excellent design and hiding the complexity of a lot of security projects behind that excellent design,” says Robinson.

TunnelBear for Teams rolls out today and will run $69 per person a year.