TunnelBear Launches RememBear to Help Users Secure Passwords

A leading privacy startup in Canada is looking to make their services more accessible to everyday users.

TunnelBear has officially launched RememBear, an app that helps anyone secure and remember all of their passwords. The app has been in beta and is now available to the public after close to two years of development and bear-puns. Overall, nearly 150,000 users participated in the beta.

The Toronto company’s goal is to create an app that actually turns saving and securing passwords into an enjoyable experience, as opposed to the monotonous habit users are forced to go through.

“Now more than ever, internet users need powerful privacy and security tools that are simple enough for anyone to use,” reads a TunnelBear statement. “We designed RememBear with the same simplicity and approachability we used to build TunnelBear. We believe we can reach the other 97% of users who don’t already use password managers today.”

TunnelBear is referring to the stat that only three per cent of the connected population regularly use a password manager, a fairly low number considering how many passwords every single person has to remember on a daily basis.

For an added level of security, RememBear was audited by Cure53, a company that runs penetration tests for websites and apps. That full report can be read here and TunnelBear will continue to audit the platform every year, with the next one taking place in Novem-bear (sorry) 2018.

“By working with Cure53 during the architecture and development stages, we’re proud to share that no critical security issues were discovered,” the TunnelBear team shared. “All findings that were discovered have been addressed by the RememBear team prior to public release.”

TunnelBear was actually acquired by McAfee about a month ago, but the team has been working on this new project for a while now, and the acquisition did not change any roadmap or launch plans.

The app will be free and allow users to create, update and use all of their passwords. The premium version will run $36 per year and offers priority support as well as seamless sync and backup across your devices.

TunnelBear itself offers a VPN service to its users, and existing subscribers will receive $5 off their RememBear subscription.