Twitch to Launch Marketplace for Games, Give Streamers Cut of Purchases

Twitch plans to launch a platform for users to buy games from.

“Ever since our first baby steps onto the internet, our goal has been to make Twitch the ultimate hub for gaming on the web,” the company said in a blog post. What started as a simple streaming platform has become a living, breathing social community. “Soon we’ll be taking another step to further strengthen the community and benefit streamers and viewers alike.”

People already use Twitch as a way to demo games. Soon you’ll see an option during streams to purchase if a game is available on Twitch.

“When you buy, if the streamer is a partner who has opted into the program, he or she gets a 5% share of the revenue,” Twitch says. “So now you can help support your favorite partnered streamers just by getting a game on their channel.”

The marketplace launches this spring, according to Twitch. Payments will be made using an Amazon account. Several game creators are on board as launch partners, including Ubisoft, Digital Extremes, and Versus Evil.

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