Twitter Cracks Down on Terrorist Tweets, But Jack Dorsey Still Faces Fire

Twitter this week stated that it has suspended nearly 400,000 accounts in the second half of 2016, triple the rate of the same period a year prior.

The suspensions were primarily targeted toward “violent extremism,” including terrorism, according to the company’s latest transparency report, although it has been known to censor content from the alt-right as well.

Meanwhile Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has taken fire recently following a study that showed upward of 50 million users on the microblogging platform are bots, not people—roughly double what Dorsey and co. had previously claimed. The figure equates to approximately 15% of the site’s users.

Dorsey, who helped run Twitter in its early days, returned as CEO in 2015 to drive a turnaround, but the company has only floundered since he retook the helm. Revenue and user growth are both stagnant and investors are growing impatient, which is reflected in the company’s sinking stock.

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