Twitter Empowers Users with Improved Advertiser Transparency

Twitter is improving transparency for users, the company announced this week, including seeing which advertisers are targeting whom.

“We’re expanding Your Twitter Data to give you the most transparent access to your Twitter information to date, including demographic and interest data, and advertisers that have included you in their tailored audiences on Twitter,” the social network stated. “Each category of data will be clearly marked, and you will be able to view or modify this data directly.”

Twitter also unveiled a suite of tools to give you more access to your information and more control over how it’s used. New Personalization and Data settings offer more control over how Twitter uses user data, including how they personalize Twitter experiences and whether information may be shared through partnerships.

In addition, the company repeated its emphasis on personal privacy.

“Privacy is built into our DNA as a company and it’s something we take an active role in promoting and advocating for across the world,” twitter added. “Our commitment to protecting and defending your privacy will continue as we build our industry leadership on this issue.”