U.S. Homeland Security Selects Vancouver’s CommandWear to Improve Public Safety

A Canadian company has been chosen to help the U.S. improve their public safety measures.

CommandWear Systems has been chosen by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) to create smart city technology to assist with public safety. The Vancouver company will develop a prototype of responder-focused mobile communication and sensor suites. The hope is that CommandWear’s tech will help responders increase their situational awareness as well as improve general building security.

This new contract comes from a request for innovators released earlier this year for the DHS S&T Smart Cities Internet of Things Innovation labs program. The goal of these programs is to rapidly commercialize innovative new technologies.

“Keeping frontline responders and field workers connected, protected and situationally aware at all times is the goal,” said Mike Morrow, CommandWear CEO. “Sensors, both on and off body, can be used to immediately alert people when they are in dangerous areas or situations, automate the activation of cameras and other protective equipment around that threat and share this information with multiple stakeholders to ensure risks are mitigated and appropriate actions are taken much faster than ever before.”

In total, 13 companies were selected to develop prototypes in three different areas: building sensors, unmanned aerial systems, and SmartHubs. CommandWear fits into that last category and is only one of two companies outside of the U.S. to be selected for the program. All of the selected participants will work over the next few months to develop end-to-end connectivity and finish a prototype.

“We are excited to work with these innovative partners to quickly get tools into new commercial markets that benefit our first responders, DHS components, and industry partners,” said DHS S&T program manager Jeff Booth. “Our goal here was to identify technologies already on the market that could be adapted to meet the very specific needs and challenges of those protecting and serving our communities. We are very much encouraged by the work already accomplished and look forward to what is on the horizon.”

CommandWear develops real-time situational awareness tools for responders who need to make sure they know what is happening around them at all times. the company is solving the industry’s most critical issue—the lack of tools to support decision making at the last tactical mile. The app can be run on tablets, computers or smartwatches, and it lets team leaders track their squad and send them alerts through the customized CommandWear smartwatch.