Uber Direct’s Retail Delivery Service Launches in Canada

The latest offering from Uber allows retail businesses to use Uber as their provider of same-day delivery.

Need to Know 

  • After first launching in the US last spring, Uber Direct is coming to Canada.
  • The service, available through the Uber app, allows retail businesses to use Uber as its same-day delivery provider.
  • Customers can shop online for fashion, pet supplies, and other retail services.
  • Uber has expanded its service offerings amid the pandemic, now offering grocery and package delivery, too.


Just in time for new pandemic-related retail restrictions, Uber Direct is launching in Canada. The retail delivery service, brought to you by the popular rideshare company Uber, launched in the US in April and is now becoming available in Canada too. 

In partnership with Bond Brand Loyalty, Uber has launched a new service offering that allows its network of drivers to deliver goods on behalf of local businesses. This allows companies outside of food service (who may use Uber Eats as a delivery option), such as clothing or pet supply stores, to provide same-day delivery. 

“With the pandemic, delivery has evolved from a luxury to a utility as businesses look for—and consumers expect—real-time fulfillment,” said Ronnie Gurion, general manager of Uber for Business. “We’re pleased to partner with Bond Brand Loyalty to accelerate their delivery standard for loyalty point rewards from days to within hours.”

Since the onset of the pandemic has increased the demand for delivery of basically everything, Uber has experimented with new ways to provide goods and services to the community. 

In April, Uber also launched Uber Connect, to help people deliver packages to friends and family members within the same city. Connect is available in select cities in the US, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. 

And in July, the rideshare company launched grocery delivery, too. Using either Uber or Uber Eats, customers can place and track grocery orders that are fulfilled by courier service Cornershop. 

Uber also partnered with South Africa’s Western Cape Department of Health and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to provide over 25,000 people in vulnerable communities in South Africa with safe, contactless delivery of medication.

Up next for Uber? The rideshare app may be getting a stake in the digital payments boom as well. 

In September, Uber launched its Uber Eats Contactless Order feature. This service allows customers to order and pay from within the app while dining in or picking up takeout. The feature provides one more way for customers to experience safe, contactless payment during the ongoing pandemic.