Uber Drivers Have Earned $50 Million in Tips, Adds Flexibility for Gig Economy Workers

Uber is adding more features for drivers this week and also announced a milestone since launching driver tipping in July.

The company has tripled the number of Driver Destinations from two to six, boosting flexibility for drivers. Drivers will also be notified in advance when a trip is estimated to be 45 minutes or longer. And declining trips will no longer negatively impact a driver’s account standing.

These new features, like tipping, are part of Uber’s 180 Days of Change, an initiative to win back company support and retain its fleet of drivers.

“We’re giving you more of what you love,” Uber tells drivers. “In this month of 180 Days of Change, we’re announcing new features that enhance your ability to choose when, where, and how you drive, so your day truly belongs to you.”

Uber will also drivers to toggle between giving rides to delivering food via UberEATS so there never has to be a lull in work.

As far as tipping is concerned, Uber says drivers have already earned $50 million in tips in less than two months. Lyft, which has allowed tipping since it launched in 2012, says drivers have earned $250 million in tips to date.