Uber Drivers in UK to go Diesel-Free by 2022

Uber made a commitment last week to help tackle the UK’s growing air pollution with a plan that would have all uberX cars go diesel-free by 2022.

The ride-sharing company announced Friday its Clean Air Plan, outlining a series of green measures Uber will roll out in the UK in the next seven years starting in the nation’s most populated city.

By the end of 2019, every car in London available for rides on uberX must be 100 per cent hybrid or fully electric. Uber plans for its entire fleet of drivers in the UK to go diesel-free by the end of 2022, helping take some of the city’s most polluting cars off the road. Most cars run on diesel fuel in the UK.

Uber reported that more than half the miles on uberX journeys in London are already in hybrid or fully electric cars, but the company has a more ambitious goal for the future. Uber wants all drivers in London to be behind an all-electric vehicle by 2025—a goal the company is helping their drivers meet.

As part of the diesel-free plan, Uber is setting up a Clean Air Fund to give licensed Uber drivers across the UK access up to £5,000—roughly $6,500 USD—to put towards upgrading their car to hybrid or electric.

“Over the life of the fund, it is expected that drivers will claim more than £150 [million] to help transition to a greener car,” Uber stated. “Uber will kickstart the fund next month with a £2 [million] investment and 35 [pence] will be added to every ride taken through the app in London – every penny of which will be donated to the dedicated and ring-fenced fund.”

UberPOOL rides are excluded from the Clean Air fundraising initiative.

The San Francisco-based company also announced a “diesel scrappage scheme” in the UK that incentivizes current pre-Euro 4 diesel vehicle drivers to take their cars off the road. Uber will give a £1,500 ride credit to the first 1,000 people—not just Uber drivers—to scrap their diesel cars and provide an official certificate. Interested vehicle owners can register their interest to Uber online.

Uber is also installing company-branded rapid chargers in central London in the coming weeks for drivers of electric vehicles who use the Uber app.

“Here’s to a future with cleaner cities, where we can all breathe easier,” said Uber.