Uber Eats Expands Service to Over 1.5 Million New Canadians

Sitting in bed and ordering fried chicken for delivery is now a little easier for many Canadian residents.

Uber Eats has expanded into 13 new cities in Canada, including 10 in Ontario. This is the biggest city launch for the service in Canada yet. The food delivery app, which is owned and operated by the ride-hailing giant Uber, now operates in 23 total cities throughout the country.

“Launching Uber Eats in 13 new markets means that even more Canadians can get the food they want delivered to them at Uber speed,” said Dan Park, GM of Uber Eats Canada. “With a selection of local and national favourites, Uber Eats offers a fun and easy way to access a wide array of food options. Your favourite sushi roll, bacon cheeseburger, kale salad and more are all conveniently available in one place and delivered fast and fresh.”

The new Ontario cities that are now serviced by Uber Eats:

  • Aurora,
  • Barrie,
  • Cambridge,
  • Guelph,
  • Kanata,
  • Kingston,
  • Newmarket,
  • Niagara Falls,
  • St. Catherines,
  • Windsor.

The other three cities are:

  • Lethbridge, Alberta;
  • Red Deer, Alberta;
  • Gatineau, Quebec.

In total, Uber Eats is expanding their services to 1.65 million new Canadians, according to the most recent population numbers—1.19 million in Ontario and 470,000 outside of the province.

“We’re looking forward to partnering with restaurants in these 13 new cities to help them grow their businesses through delivery,” said Faye Pang, Uber Eats Canada’s head of restaurant operations. “Uber Eats is all about giving foodmakers the chance to connect with more customers, more often.

Uber Eats first launched in Canada in 2015 and operates in more than 200 cities around the world. Restaurants can tap into the Uber Eats network to expand their reach without having to hire additional delivery workers or staff.

Many of those involved with food delivery services, including restaurateurs and the customers themselves, have expressed concern over how the industry is evolving. There are countless stories of cold food and irate restaurant management. Regardless, these kinds of announcements show there is indeed a growing demand for the service, and it can open up new customers to new businesses, which ends up being a net win overall.