Uber Faces New Battle in Europe

Uber has not had an easy road in Europe.

The most recent roadblock to the company’s ambitious expansion plans hails from an advocate general for the Court of Justice of the European Union. The senior adviser to the region’s highest court issued a nonbinding opinion that recommends Uber’s service be forced to abide by the same rules that govern taxi companies.

Maciej Szpunar’s recommendation followed a legal battle regarding whether Uber should be considered a tax service in France. Uber has long fought to avoid this classification as it places strict safety and employment rules on the company—a company whose impressive growth trajectory has come largely from not playing by the rules.

Szpunar’s word is not the final say, however; courts often side with senior advisor recommendations, but there are exceptions.

Europe is not Uber’s only battle, though. The company’s chief executive, Travis Kalanick, recently stepped down from his role amidst investor pressure following a scandal-ridden reign.

That said, Uber still achieved an impressive milestone of five billion trips this month.