Uber Picking Up in Vancouver with Secret Testing Phase

Last month, Techvibes reported that San Francisco based on-demand private driving service Uber was launching in Vancouver.

Looks like we’re on step closer with a secret testing phase beginning in the city—and you probably won’t be surprised to hear who Rider One was.

HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes and an entourage grabbed a Uber signature black town car in Railtown.

Unfortunately the famous HootSuite Owl was nowhere to be seen.

Eager to score your first Uber ride? A warning from the folks at Uber:

Uber Vancouver is in research mode. While there are some cars on the road, please keep this in mind as your experience during our “Secret Uber Phase” may not blow your mind in the way it will once we officially launch (though there is a good chance it will). We’re still in the process of building our supply and hitting the perfect price point, so feedback is welcome! Please send your thoughts to supportVancouver@uber.com or share your experience with us on Twitter @Uber_VAN. Stay tuned for launch updates.