Ubique Partners with Sri Lanka Telecom for Blockchain-Powered Esports

An unlikely relationship has formed between a Nova Scotia startup and a Southeast Asia telecom provider.

Ubique Networks has announced a partnership with Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) to launch and power a new esports platform powered by blockchain. The Sydney, Nova Scotia company reportedly signed a formal agreement in November 2018 at the Sri Lankan-based Canadian High Commission.

Ubique’s flagship platform is Swarmio, a decentralized and vertically-integrated solution that can power esports networks by offering lagless experiences through a distributed and dedicated cloud infrastructure. It can be used for both LAN esports tournaments as well as online tournaments. The goal is that Swarmio will be able to provide zero-latency gaming competitions, even when p[articipants are playing each other across the globe.

Swarmio is currently being used by over 25,000 esports players through its dApp, according to Gaming Post. According to the Ubique CEO Vijai Karthigesu, this new partnership will be used to meet the high-demand of young gamers in Sri Lanka who hope to play at the same level as other esports competitors worldwide. Three games are currently available on the Swarmio platform: League of Legends, CS:GO, and Minecraft.

The Swarmio platform is powered by Ubique’s Q Network, which is a “global telecom platform that accelerates the performance of real-time applications.” The network allows any user to turn their laptop or phone into a micro data-center, which can, in turn, create a hyper-connected internet that is steadier and faster.

The Canadian government has seen the potential for this network, as they recently invested $500,000 into Ubique to further commercialize the platform. Ubique actually travelled to Sri Lanka in 2016 to showcase their technology and host a mini-esports tournament.

“Our technology will help our local partner, the Sri Lanka Telecom, to promote a new range of additional revenue-earning services targeting the growing eSports market,” Karthigesu said in 2016.