Ubisoft Launches O.Zen, a Gamified Program to Manage Well-Being Through Mastery of Breath

Ubisoft has launched of O.zen, which is a gamified, connected program that helps users manage stress and improve concentration through mastery breathing.

Based on the principle of heart coherence, O.zen is a mobile application designed as part of a preventive approach that complements a healthy lifestyle. The concept of heart coherence, popularized in France by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, rests on the close, reciprocal link between the body’s two main organs: the heart can influence the brain.

“For the first time, you can monitor your physiological signals, act on them and find your ideal breathing while having fun,” explains Dr. David O’Hare, physician and heart coherence specialist.

Users are guided by the advice of a personal coach, Coach K, and must fill out a range of topic-specific tests to help them create good habits, which in turn enable them to achieve better well-being through breathing over time. “Coach K” is Dr. Frédéric Kochman, a child psychiatrist and heart coherence specialist.

“In a society that places increasing demands on us, Quebecers are looking for innovative ways to help them self-manage their stress or anxiety, improve their sleep quality and boost their concentration,” said Olivier Ernst, Managing Director of Ubisoft Canada. “This is why Ubisoft created O.zen, a program that’s distinctive thanks to its fun approach, based on gaming and simple, effective exercises that help people integrate heart coherence into their everyday lives.”

The program features over 600 self-reflection questions to help users create a personalized profile. The app can be used every day in 3- to 8-minute sessions.

“This is a first for us in the field of well-being, and we are happy to be able to rely on key partners, including a number of health professionals, in bringing this project to fruition,” said Ernst.

O.zen is available as an application for iOS at a retail suggested price of $150.