UGO Launches Peer-to-Peer Money Transfers by Text

UGO Mobile Solutions announced its third major release in a year with the addition of UGO Pay, offering peer-to-peer money transfers.

The open digital wallet company says customers now have the flexibility to load money from Visa or MasterCard credit cards or Visa debit cards on to UGO Pay. Transfers are made via text.

“With the addition of UGO Pay, our wallet now offers more functionality on more smartphones than any other digital wallet in Canada today,” said Alec Morley, CEO of UGO. “Our customers have already added nearly half a million loyalty, gift and payment cards to their UGO Wallets, and UGO Pay is another example of how we continue to bring to market the combined features and capabilities that allow users to simplify their lives.”

UGO Pay will be supported across iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile platforms regardless of carrier.