United Launches Interactive Flight Search Map

Map Search allows customers to filter flights based on price and even sort by popular activities, like skiing or hiking.

Need to Know 

  • United Airlines has launched a Google-powered map search, allowing customers to find flights based on a number of filters.
  • Travelers can search by price, departure city, and even search the best place to travel for activities like skiing or hiking.
  • United has been a leader in the airline industry for its handling of the pandemic, being the first to mandate masks and now providing COVID-19 tests for travelers.


United Airlines has launched a new flight search feature that allows travelers to more easily compare and shop for flights. Powered by Google Flight Search Enterprise Technology, the new tool is displayed in a map view and features custom filters. 

By logging on to United.com, travelers can access Map Search to browse flights, customizing their search based on price, departure city, and location type (such as national parks or ski destinations).

Map Search also allows customers to filter their search based on the best destinations for popular activities, such as beaches, breweries, hiking, or snorkeling. Due to the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and the current limitations on international travel, the new feature has served as a response to the increased interest in domestic travel, allowing travelers to discover popular destinations within the United States. 

“We’ve reinvented the way people search for flights and introduced something new for our customers that is simpler, provides better results and is easy to use,” said Linda Jojo, chief digital officer of United. “Leveraging the power of Google’s Flight Search technology, we are able to provide an all-in-one solution that streamlines the search process and allows our customers to more easily find the flights that work best for them.”

In response to the pandemic, United Airlines also recently launched an interactive map tool that allows customers to filter and search destinations based on a location’s COVID-19 restrictions. The color-coded map will “highlight if a destination is closed, partially open or fully open for travel, and will also note if any tests or self-quarantining is required for travel.” 

United Airlines has served as a leader in the airline industry in its handling of the pandemic, being the first to mandate masks for both passengers and crew and launching a text-based chatbot to better connect with concerned customers. 

Just this week, United became the first U.S. flight carrier to make COVID-19 tests available to travelers