Utherverse Digital Takes ‘Significant Step Forward’ in 3D Internet with Launch of WebWorlds

Vancouver-based Utherverse Digital, maker of a 3D internet platform, this morning announced it is launching WebWorlds.com, which combines the practicalities of the flat web but integrates video game technology to create a 3D internet experience.

WebWorlds is a family-friendly version of the Virtual World Web, which Utherverse created in 2009. It’s a sort of internet-within-the-internet where websites are immerse, videogame-style environments; users are represented with avatars and can walk through virtual worlds to physically interact with surroundings, objects, and other people.

“This is a significant step forward for the 3D internet world,” says Utherverse CEO Brian Shuster.  “It opens up the incredible opportunities of the 3D Web to both the academic and business worlds—sectors that were previously reluctant because of the 18-plus age restriction of the original Virtual World Web.”

 “We already have interest from universities, real estate developers and convention planners who are preparing to launch Web Worlds on the platform to augment their real-world and flat-web presences,” he added. For example, Shuster points out that “virtual open houses can help potential buyers view a virtual replica of a home they are interested in, ask a realtor questions, and quickly gain an understanding of the dimensions of a space by walking as an avatar through it.”