Two Vancouver Startups Integrate to Create ‘Ultimate Brick and Click Solution’

Digital payments company Payfirma and cloud-based e-commerce platform LemonStand, both based in Vancouver, have teamed up.

Their integration means merchants can use LemonStand’s e-commerce platform to build a seamless online shopping experience while accepting and managing their payments using Payfirma’s multichannel payment API.

“Payfirma offers more than online payments because we know that businesses need to be selling across multiple channels to stay competitive,” says Michael Gokturk, Payfirma’s CEO. “Larger merchants who want both an online and physical storefront will now have the ability to create a beautifully customized eCommerce site with LemonStand, complete with access to our multichannel payment rails to integrate their online, in-store and mobile payments.”

 “LemonStand was created to give growing online retailers more options within an easy to use platform,” says Danny Halarewich, LemonStand’s CEO. “We’re excited to offer our high growth customers a powerful new method to deliver a seamless online shopping experience and the ability to use Payfirma to accept and manage their payments.”

Check out the details of their partnership here.