Vancouver Technology Community Loses a friend: Jack Allison

On Saturday, February 19th Jack Allison lost his battle with cancer.  Jack’s passing has taken a significant resource from the tech community, many knowing Jack through his mentor work with Acetech and his numerous engagements with Vancouver technology companies.

Jack spent countless hours mentoring tech founders on how to take a product to market.  He was a consummate sales executive and sales leader who could bridge the gap between technical invention and sales. Jack worked with infinite patience, explaining to tech founders how to understand lead generation and sales funnels, and how to hire and compensate and lead sales people. Not only did many learn from Jack, their professional relationships evolved into steadfast friendships.  

Jack was a lover of sports.  Even though his American heritage, and his family, tied him to the Carolina’s, Jack happily adopted the Canucks as his own, basking in the glow of every Canucks win.

Fortunate are the many in our tech community who benefited from his advice and more importantly had the honour to call him friend. He will always be remembered as impeccably dressed, savvy, inspirational and insightful. Jack’s positive outlook on life helped many get through tough times. His encouragement was constant, and his push relentless, but the results were always outstanding.

The tragedy of his early passing is that we have lost not only a guy with a unique talent that he so willingly shared; we have lost a great person, a gentleman, and a true professional.

Those wishing to celebrate Jack’s life are invited to gather at Showcase in the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel, Downtown Vancouver, on Tuesday, February 22nd from 4:00 to 8:00pm.