Vancouver’s HootSuite Enhances Hootlet and Main Dashboard with Addition of AutoSchedule

Vancouver-based social media dashboard HootSuite has added AutoSchedule technology to their Hootlet browser extension, which is available free add-on for the Firefox web browser, or through the HootSuite dashboard.

AutoSchedule analyzes users’ social activity and their followers’, HootSuite says, automatically delivering each message at an optimal time in order to maximize reach and avoid swamping followers with too many updates at once.

“Instead of our users manually selecting what time they want to schedule or post their social media messages using our Scheduling feature, they can use our new AutoScheduler to optimize and automate the scheduling process,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “Our users have told us they want to enjoy finding and sharing content and to spend less time worrying about the best time of day to share it.”

If you haven’t heard of Hootlet, you’re forgiven. It’s been around for a while but never took off as a core product of the startup. HootSuite launched their Hootlet back in 2009 and it adds a small owl icon to users’ toolbars so they can shortern URLs and share content across their social networks.

Don’t like Hootlet? No worries; HootSuite says that AutoSchedule be available for the main HootSuite dashboard “later this summer.”