Vancouver’s Sitemasher to be acquired by Salesforce?

Heard a rumor a couple months ago that Vancouver’s Sitemasher was on the verge of being acquired by the almighty Based on the number of pings on the topic over the last week, I’d say the rumor is likely true.

Sitemasher is cloud-based website platform that enables developers, large organizations, and service providers to offer cost-effective, data-driven, custom websites to their customers.

Sitemasher was founded in 2006 by CTO Phil Calvin. Having completed the fundamental architecture by August 2007, Phil turned his entrepreneurial energy towards gathering an experienced executive team and did that with CEO Ron Moravek, CFO & COO Curtis Terry, and VP of Product Development Eric Dorgelo.

Calvin has been down the entrepreneurial road before – he founded Motivus Software which sold to Citrix Systems in 2004.

If the Sitemasher acquistion takes place, it will likely be one of many in 2010 for Salesforce. Since January it’s been rumored that Salesforce would go on a shopping spree after floating a $500 Million convertible bond offering. And that shopping spree started last month with the acquisition of Jigsaw for $142 Million.

Sitemasher first demoed their product at Launch Party Vancouver 2 in December 2007, so this will definitely be labeled as a quick, successful exit and another feather in Vancouver’s tech startup cap if it’s true.

Sitemasher’s sole venture capitalist to date is Vancouver’s Anthem Capital – a sister company of Anthem Properties.